Avoiding a Cluttered Workspace

22nd February 2018 Design 0 Comments

There’s nothing worse than working in a cluttered environment, whether it be a home office or shared workspace. Even the tidiest of offices can still look cluttered thanks to the excess amounts of wires and paper lying around, the lack of storage space and the mass amounts of desks.

Gone are the days of cubicle offices, where your own space was kept exactly how you liked it and no one else’s area could bother you.

Now in the times of open plan offices and hot desking policies, creating an open feel office can be difficult. So we did some research and found a few ways to avoid a cluttered workspace.

Go Paperless

As mentioned before, having paper piled up all over every surface not only looks messy but it’s also impractical and terrible for the environment. Does everything need to be printed?

Granted some people work better when they physically jot things down or doodle while they think, however technology can probably take over almost every use for paper (maybe not building paper planes though).

Cloud software allows you to share documents between different individuals/teams, diminishing the need to print anything off. Post it notes seem to go missing after a few hours anyway, so why not just take notes on your electronic devices or even set reminders.

Desk Storage

If you’re lucky to have your own individual desk then you might as well store everything you need for work on it…right?

Wrong, fair enough, adding a few family photos or even photos of your pet cat will make it feel more personal and comfortable, but do you really need your vast selection of pens on show alongside last weeks OK magazine?

Investing in under the desk storage will mean your employees can keep their personal belongings with them while working, but will also keep them out of site, making the whole area look a lot more minimalistic and maybe even a little bigger.


Not everyone has room for storage by their desk, some people even share desks with colleagues on opposite work schedules to them. This is where lockers come in handy.

Now, we know when we mentioned lockers your mind flashed straight back to high school or the gym, but believe it or not lockers can blend into your office décor perfectly.

Whether you choose to colour code them by department or have them look like stereotypical American style lockers, they will allow employees to have somewhere they can call their own individual space, even if it is only just big enough to hold their lunch and bag.

Wire Organisers

We all know how frustrating it is trying to untangle wires from each other, and to be honest, most of the time we just put up with the knotted mess and make do with the untidiness.

Wire organisers not only make your desk look a whole lot more organised but also prevent any broken wires. Available in a multitude of styles for reasonable prices, wire organisers are sure to be your new favourite office accessory.

Hot Boxes

Absolutely perfect for people who hot desk. Hot Boxes allow you to keep all of your usual desk trinkets with your laptop, notebook, whatever you need to do your work. They’re easy to carry and small enough to not take up too much space on your temporary desk.

They even fit your lunch in, so say good bye to the handbag/briefcase and hello to the hot box.


How do you stop your office from getting too cluttered?

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