Choosing a CRM System

20th March 2018 Automation 0 Comments

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is everywhere, so how do you know which package will work best within your business?

The more your business grows, the more administration tasks you’ll acquire. Instead of expanding your already struggling admin department, consider investing in some CRM software which will allow anyone with permissions to complete these tasks effortlessly and most importantly, quickly.

Any CRM system should ultimately allow you to better serve your customers, Sales cycles can last anywhere from a month to a year, therefore it’s important to keep a note of all previous dealings, conversations and orders. CRM systems contain customer’s contact information; order details, call/interaction notes and pretty much anything else you would struggle to remember yourself (this proves to be especially helpful when customers return after a year wanting to continue with their previously declined order!).

Bespoke or Off The Shelf Software…

It’s understandable that, when looking for the perfect CRM software, you will consider the cheaper option of buying ‘Off The Shelf’ software. However, although this may seemingly be the most cost effective solution, finding a system completely suited to your business will be almost impossible.

Chances are, the system you’re looking at buying was originally developed for a specific business and is now being resold with the original modules, therefore many of the components included will be irrelevant to a furniture fit out company, for example. Likewise, a furniture dealer may need modules that aren’t available in their chosen CRM system.

However, that isn’t to say working with a software development company to create a completely bespoke piece of software is the only way to go.

There are so many companies out there who resell their own software, because these CRM systems are developed by the companies themselves, they can usually be tailored which essentially means you have an almost completely bespoke piece of software for a fraction of the price.

What About InteriApp?

 InteriApp is a cloud based CRM system, which is completely integrated with Sage, meaning your financials will always be synced and up to date.

We developed InteriApp in house, therefore all elements can be customised to meet your needs, fully streamlining your businesses administration activities.

With InteriApp, easily created quotes can be directly emailed to customers as PDFs.

Sending purchase order’s to suppliers is easy, simply enter the scheduled delivery dates and press confirm and send, this will then convert the original quote into a sales order and one purchase order per supplier.

Fully itemised invoices are produced without the need to type any product information, which means not only do your admin team have more time on their hands, there are far less billing errors and queries as well as faster payments.

InteriApp combines all the benefits of an off the shelf system with those of a bespoke system, the only regret you will have is not buying InteriApp sooner!


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