Scents Within The Workplace

5th March 2018 Creative, Design 0 Comments

When designing/refurbishing an office environment, scent is rarely taken into consideration but with British workers spending, on average, 99,117 hours of their lifetime at work its not surprising that the smell of the workplace is vital to employee wellbeing.

There’s nothing worse than walking into work in the morning and being hit by multiple foul smells – Unpleasant perfume, liberally sprayed aftershave, foul food, even that adorable office dog can leave a slight stench.

A study by the British Council for Offices and Savills found that 75% (of 1,000 participants) said smell was important to them but only 60% were satisfied with the smell of their workplace.

When deciding on an office colour scheme, colour phycology is almost always taken into account – so what if I was to say that, like colours, certain smells can evoke different emotions?

Fruity/Citrus smells are proven to boost energy (Added bonus: Lemon scents can also boost immunity)

Lavender reduces stress and anxiety

Peppermint increases alertness & concentration, especially great for brainstorming

Jasmine is thought to improve confidence and optimism

A study in Japan found that people made 20% fewer typing errors when their workplace was scented with lavender, 33% less with jasmine and 54% with lemon.

Not only will diffusing certain scents help increase productivity and wellbeing within your workplace, but it will also increase visitor’s attention and help create an even bigger impression upon them, therefore intensifying your brand identity.

Scents can be spread through ventilation systems throughout bigger spaces or via stand alone diffusers for specific small spaces, for example waiting rooms, entrances, receptions etc.

Of course, scents can cause adverse reactions, such as headaches and nausea for those sensitive/allergic to certain smells. However, as long as you take necessary precautions within your workplace and identify any triggering scents, everyone can benefit.

So whether you’re having a full office fit out or just want to increase productivity within your company, why not consider scenting your office?

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